Doug Hill

Inventor Spotlight: Doug Hill

Have you ever taken the “MacGyver” approach on a job? You needed a workable solution, but no current product seemed to do exactly what you needed?

Doug Hill, a 35-year electrician, found himself in that very situation. His company would run MC cable on a project, and even though it was done correctly, it wouldn’t always look neat and clean. Then, as he was looking at the ridges on a battle cap, Doug had an idea for a product that would create a tracking system to “clip” the wires in place.

After hearing about Madison’s Sparks Innovation Center, Doug scheduled a meeting to share his product idea. Fast-forward 7 months, and Doug’s Clip-It is one of Madison Electric’s signature new products.

Clip-It Benefits

  • Better quality. “When an inspector walks into a project and wires are everywhere, that’s not good,” Doug explained. The Clip-It presents a tidy, orderly finished product.
  • Labor savings. The Clip-It will save contractors time. And, time is money. “Especially with the current market conditions, labor savings is huge,” Doug said.

Want to learn more about the Clip-It? Don’t just take our word for it. Read this excerpt from a letter we recently received from a 35-year electrical industry veteran:

“I had my crews use the new Clip-It support system on a recent steel stud commercial project and am an absolute believer. This system is durable, user friendly beyond belief and lowered labor costs and installation time by at least 40% over the previously available systems. The Clip-It system is definitely one of the most well thought method improvements available to our industry that I have seen in thirty-five years.”

Interested in learning more about the Clip-It? Contact me:

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