Simplify with Clip-it Channel Strips.

It’s obvious MC Cable has become the industry choice, and until now there has never been an MC support so fast, so versatile, so compact and so easy to use. The Clip-it Channel Strip system gives your electrician the ability to use MC Cable and have the finished product they can be proud of. Simply snap the MC Clip into the Channel Strip and snap your cables in place. It’s that fast and that simple. Channel Strip comes in standard 20 inch lengths and can be cut to your required size. With only three screws, you have the flexibility to support up to 20 cables at a time. 


Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy polycarbonate
  • Withstands harsh environments -30 ̊F to 250 ̊F    
  • Fits MC/AC cable 12/2 thru 10/3
  • Environmentally friendly sturdy polycarbonate    
  • UL listed

Download: Clip-it Sell Sheet

Download: Clip-it Channel Strip System



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