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Ladder Horse is a
universal tool.

Similar to a machinist v-block, use the Ladder Horse for supporting, cutting, trimming and sawing. It works anywhere your ladder works.

Unlike a sawhorse, the Ladder Horse requires no unfolding, no assembly, and no bulky storage. Save your back! No more bending over. Choose the ladder
rung with the best height for you, stand up and cut.

Cut EMT, Rigid, PVC and even threaded rod. Marked measurements on the Ladder Horse help you cut the proper length for your needs. Increase your safety by letting Ladder Horse do the work. It can support fixtures while you get your footing. While standing up, cut drywall, and similar materials upright, using a t-square for a nice straight edge.



Features and Benefits

  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Market measurements
  • Works with most step ladders

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