August 16, 2011

Madison Electric Products Wins Four National Industry Awards

Innovation that works: TED Magazine names Madison “Best of the Best Overall,” as well as brand awareness, product launch and social media awards

Bedford Heights, OH – Madison Electric Products received four 2011 TED Magazine Best of the Best Awards, which honor electrical industry marketing excellence and creativity in 12 marketing/communication categories.

“We’re very proud of the forward-thinking brand we have established, and we’re honored that leaders in the industry recognize Madison’s commitment to innovation, not only in our product development, but in our subsequent marketing initiatives as well,” said Rob Fisher, director of marketing for Madison Electric Products.

The Bedford Heights-based company was recognized for:

  • Increasing brand awareness through the Sparks Innovation Center: Launched in 2010, this award-winning, groundbreaking approach to product development has evolved into a go-to resource for inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry, while providing Madison with a platform to “crowdsource” product development.
  • Exceeding expectations with the Clip-It product launch: Madison leveraged online and traditional marketing tactics - including advertising, media relations and direct mail - to generate awareness and buzz for the Clip-It among target audiences, resulting in placements in 150+ locations across the country, with a quarter of those putting in the merchandising rack.

  • Delivering results through social media: As a result of Madison Electric's commitment to explore social technologies, embrace content marketing, and the company's willingness and desire to participate in two-way, online dialogues, traffic to the company website has increased 70%.

  • Best of the Best Overall Marketing Practices: As a result of Madison’s 360˚ approach to marketing and communication, the company will be recognized as having the overall best marketing practices on the manufacturer/supplier side of the electrical industry.

A full profile and story on Madison’s achievements will be included in this month’s print edition of TED Magazine, as well as online.

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