January 16th 2012

Madison Electric Products Announces New Cost-Saving Tools

Madison partners with UK-based Super Rod Ltd as exclusive
US provider of Super Rod product line

   Cleveland, OH – Continuing its commitment to introduce products made “for electricians by electricians” to the market, Madison Electric Products has partnered with United Kingdom-based Super Rod Ltd, to make three time-saving tools available in the United States. Through this partnership, Madison Electric Products is the exclusive U.S. provider of the Super Rod Mega Set, Super Rod Standard Set and the Telescopic Pole.

   “As someone who lives and breathes innovation, I wanted a US partner who shared this commitment to outside-the-box thinking,” said Malcolm Duncan, managing director of Super Rod Ltd. “Their focus on grass-roots product development, supported by their innovative approach to marketing, clearly set Madison out from the crowd when it came to identifying a partner in the US.”

   Featuring a unique set of attachments, the Super Rod tools enable cable installers to inspect, illuminate and retrieve cable faster. In 2009 alone, the Super Rod system saved customers 9 million hours – equating to more than $650 million saved. Madison Electric will offer three products from the SuperRod line:

  • Super Rod Mega Set: The Mega Set is Super Rod’s answer to experienced installers’ demands for a multi-purpose cable installation tool. The set combines 52 feet of rods in five flexibilities with an extensive selection of cable-handling attachments.
  • Super Rod Standard Set: With over 16 feet of rods in three flexibilities and four cable-handling attachments, this set is Super Rod’s introduction to the benefits of cable rod.
  • Telescopic Pole: More rigid than rod- or coiled-based products, the Telescopic Pole gives cable installers more control and greater accuracy over longer reaches.

   “Our focus at Madison is bringing innovative quality products to the market – whether they’re brought to us through the Sparks Innovation Center, internal engineering or strategic partnerships, like this relationship with Super Rod,” said Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products. “Super Rod tools are a natural fit within our product line as the system helps cable installers cut both time and cost.”

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