Madison Electric Products strikes exclusive agreement with Time Saver Products, Inc., and launches the Clip-it™line of electrical cable supports

Bedford Heights, Ohio (February 4, 2010) – Electrical products innovator Madison Electric Products, Inc., has forged an agreement with Time Saver Products, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio, to launch the full product line of Clip-it™ electrical cable supports, invented by Time Saver’s founder, Doug Hill. 
The Clip-it™ line of Time Saver products includes the Clip-it™ MC Clip, Clip-it™ EMT Clip, Clip-it™ Panel Strap, Clip-it™ Snap On MC Stud Support, and Clip-it™ Piggy Back. Clip-it™ electrical cable supports make securing cable and conduit faster, easier and virtually tool-free. Made from high-performance polycarbonate plastic that is durable yet lightweight, Clip-it™ products are tough enough to withstand excessive
temperatures or impact. 
For complete Clip-it™ product information including photographs and installation videos featuring inventor Doug Hill, visit
The new relationship with Time Saver Products, Inc. is part of Madison Electric Products’ strategy of partnering with electrician/inventors to bring innovative field-tested and field-created products to market. In December, Madison Electric announced a similar agreement with Smart Box, Inc., of Long Island, New York, to sell and distribute a complete line of Smart Box electrical work boxes. 
“Madison Electric Products is extremely excited about our new partnership with Time Saver Products, Inc., and we’re proud to sell and distribute them under our Clip-it™ line of products,” says Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products.

Time Saver Products, Inc. was established five years ago by inventor Doug Hill, who has 35 years of experience in the electrical trade and has been in business for 23 years. He owns BCI Dental & Medical Specialists, a company that designs and builds offices for doctors and dentists. When he saw his electricians struggling to organize MC cable on one of his job sites, the idea for the Clip-it™ MC Clip was borne. He has spent the past five years perfecting and testing the product, researching the market and
developing a full line of products.
“I enjoy working hand in hand with Madison Electric,” said Doug Hill, founder and owner of Time Saver Products. “They are as enthusiastic as we are about a great new product that can save electricians time and hassle, cut labor costs and transform what is traditionally a messy part of the job.” 
The Clip-it™ line of Time Saver products includes:

The Clip-it™ MC Clip

Keep those pliers in your pocket because the Clip-it™ MC Clip makes installing MC Cable a snap. The patented riffled polycarbonate plastic design will hold MC or armored cable sizes 12/2 through 10/3, eliminating the unsightly sagging that can happen with other supports. It can also be used universally. The Clip-it™ MC Clip is ETL tested and certified conforming to UL and CSA standards in the U.S. and Canada.

The Clip-it™ EMT Clip

Need to add EMT to your panel drops? Simply snap the Clip-it™ EMT Clip into the
Panel Strap (or secure the clips individually) and snap your pipe or PVC in place. The
Clip-it™ EMT Clip is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” sizes. If you’re working in a harsh
environment where the standard steel supports can’t hold up the elements, the Clip-it™
EMT Clip can tolerate extreme environmental conditions and is tested to -20° F.

The Clip-it™ Panel Strap 

There has never been an MC cable support so fast, so versatile, so compact or so easy to use. To use the Clip-it™ Panel Strap system, simply snap the Clip-it™ MC Clip into the Clip-it™ Panel Strap and then snap the cables in place. The Clip-it™ Panel Strap comes in a standard 20-inch length (which can also be cut to size) and has the flexibility to support up to 20 cables. It is fastened with three screws.

The Clip-it™ Snap On MC Stud Support

Cut labor time in half, reduce materials expense, and leave the tools behind with the Clip-it™ Snap On MC Stud Support. Available in single or twin cable support, it can be used on any standard 3 5/8” metal stud. The Clip-it™ Snap On MC Stud Support complies with NEC 300.4(d) and is the only one on the market that can accommodate two cables in one application without using any tools. 
To order the Clip-it™ line of Time Saver products, contact your local Madison Electric
Products representative or call 216-391-7776.

About Madison Electric Products

Madison Electric Products provides the electrical supply and manufacturing industries with over 2,000 products and helps inventors bring innovative electrical products to market. Founded over 80 years ago on Madison Avenue in Cleveland and still headquartered in northeast Ohio, the company created one of the electrical industry’s most relied-upon products, the Madison Clip. Today it boasts a customer service-
oriented coast-to-coast network of sales agents and distribution centers, as well as offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and Shanghai, China.

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