Madison Electric Products introduces the Power Pull-It

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio (October 18, 2010) – Electrical products innovator Madison Electric Products, Inc., announced it is launching the Power Pull-It wirepulling tool. The Power Pull-It is used in conjunction with a cordless drill to efficiently pull small-to-medium sized wires and cables through conduit.

The tool is best utilized by both commercial electricians and those in the communications industry. It is ideal for pulling wire through light standards (i.e., light pole bases), long conduit runs above ceilings, man-holes, distribution panels, etc…

The Power Pull-It eliminates the need to tediously pull wire or strings by hand, thus saving time and eliminating the possibility for hand injuries. “We pride ourselves on the power of innovation and the Power Pull-It showcases that continued dedication,” said Brad Wiandt, president, Madison Electric products. “This product offers another unique benefit to customers, ultimately making their jobs safer and more effective.”

This new product launch is another example of the company’s strategic effort to partner with inventors and electricians in the field who have ideas for innovative new electrical products. Greg Spells, of Harrisburg, PA brought the idea of the Power Pull-It to Madison Electric Products as a result of pulling wire in a man-hole while on active duty working on an aircraft runway at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS.


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