Madison Electric Products launches the Pull-It wire-pulling tool


Bedford Heights, Ohio (March 30, 2009) – Electrical products innovator Madison Electric Products, Inc., is launching the Pull-It wire-pulling tool. The Pull-It is an innovative tool that will change the way contractors feed wire through electrical boxes and conduit. The Pull-It turns a standard two-person job into an efficient task that is suitable for one person, saving on labor costs and eliminating restarts by minimizing scuffed or damaged wire sheathing.
The Pull-It is constructed of heavy gauge steel plate and precision-milled steel rollers. Its unique design allows it to be mounted to most electrical boxes or nailed to a 2x4. The four precision-milled rollers make wire pulling easy and efficient.
“The Pull-It is another new product from our team at Madison Electric Products that focuses on needed innovation to our industry,” said Brad Wiandt, president of Madison Electric Products, Inc. “As a result of teaming up with contractors from around the country, we are developing new and innovative solutions to everyday inefficiencies and issues that contractors face on a daily basis.”

About Madison Electric Products

Madison Electric Products provides over 2,000 products to the electrical supply and manufacturing industries and brings to market innovative electrical products created by electrician/inventors. Founded and headquartered in northeast Ohio, Madison Electric Products boasts a customer service-oriented coast-to-coast network of sales agents and distribution centers.

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