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You’re out in the field every day. You know what works and what doesn’t. And we’re sure that at some point or another you’ve said to yourself, “I could make a better product.” Here’s your chance to take that great idea and make it a reality.


If you’re looking for a partnership with a company that thrives on product innovation and relationships with inventors just like you, just click here. It will take you to a simple questionnaire to get things started on submitting an idea to us.

There’s no commitment. While we can’t guarantee that your idea will make it to market – let’s face it, not every idea will – we can guarantee that we will:

  • Respond to you as quickly as possible
  • Consider every idea submitted
  • Appreciate that you took the time to submit one!


In 1929, Madison Electric was founded by an inventor named Earl Atkinson, who created our company to take his first invention, the Madison Strap, to market.

That legacy of innovation and inventiveness has helped our company grow and is the reason we’ve established the Sparks Innovation Center. It’s a place where folks just like you – who have an idea or have created a product that saves time or money – can get some help sharing it with the world.

Who knows? Maybe the next great product idea is yours!

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