The newest innovation for pulling wire!    

In today’s high tech world there is a lot of cable being pulled above drop ceilings, and that cable is fragile and expensive. Snagging cables on the drop ceiling not only ruins the cable but also the ceiling, creating delays and extra costs. That is all a thing of the past with Madison’s new Stingray. Simply remove the ceiling tiles and snap the Stingray into the corner of the drop ceiling. That’s it! You now have a safe and effective chase to run your cables through any drop ceiling. The Stingray protects the cables from becoming tangled with the grid and protects the grid from twisting and marring. It even has a slit that runs the length, allowing you to remove the cables from the tool at any time. When you’re finished simply pull the Stingray’s tail and slide it off the grid. 

Features and Benefits

  • Protects expensive and fragile cables

  • Protects ceiling from twisting and marring

  • Prevents cables from tangling with the ceiling, saving time and labor    

  • Smooth interior creates an almost frictionless chase

  • Side slit allows for easy cable removal at any time

  • Fits 1" standard ceiling grid

  • Easy to install and remove    

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